Rock & Habitat Course

In this course, you will gain the knowledge and expertise to impress your clients and set you apart from the competition. Our Rock and Habitat course tuition is $2000.00.


  • How to build custom rock bases, from small rock pedestals to large mountainous scenes
  • How to cast real rocks
  • Where to get your supplies for nice habitat scenes
  • How to pour and make your own icicles
  • New snow base techniques
  • How to construct custom trees and branches
  • Trophy room designs

Total Clock Hours: 40 Clock Hours

  • Casting rocks (5 hours)
  • Framework on rock bases (5 hours)
  • Rock mix ratios and ingredients (2 hours)
  • Habitat mix ratios and ingredients (1 hour)
  • Snow scenes (2 hours)
  • Icicles (1 hour)
  • Custom tree limbs (5 hours)
  • Where to buy your habitat materials (1 hour)
  • How to market your bases (1 hour)
  • Trophy room designs (1 hour)
  • Carving and designing rock bases (5 hours)
  • Painting and coloring rocks (3 hours)
  • Tools for rock bases (1 hour)
  • Different textures and styles of rocks (5 hours)
  • Casting different trees for different styles of bark (2 hours)

Check out this custom rock habitat we did for a client. The gallery shows the progress we made each day and demonstrates some of the techniques covered in the course.

The custom rock and habitat course is held once a year in May. There is limited space, so please call (325) 574-1678 for more info and to reserve a spot.